I wish
I was
what I was
when I want
to be
what I am now


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Attraction epiphany: honesty

I can’t help but to feel bad about the person I used to be. The things I’ve done and the people I’ve hurt. Especially the self inflicting pain I’ve caused myself. My first step was to forgive myself.

So blinded by my ego
I’ve created self fulfilling prophecies
To justify all my actions.

The fruits of temptation was delicious, yet empty. I had filled an unseen void with another. It was full of pleasure and meaningless.

I know now that it’s not worth the time and energy to put on a performance for a night of euphoria.

“You can out wit a bitch to fuck her, but you’re still fucking a bitch. It’s a lose lose situation.”

I’m learning now to be fully vulnerable in my words, actions, and behavior. To truly be myself is a more sustainable way of living than to keep up a performance. It also takes less effort. Take it or leave it world. Because the ones that can will fucken love you and bloom into quality relationships; no matter how insignificant the relationships are and the ones that can’t will probably wont workout in the long run anyways

Since I’ve realize this, rejection has had a significantly less of an affect on me. It has been easier to walk away, without resentment, after putting myself out there. I’ve done it twice since and I feel my self love strengthening. I’m starting to take a No for face value instead of blindly pursuing someone and causing myself suffering. I guess you can call it being assertive, not aggressive. Or you can also call it self respect, self love.

I have a new rule I’ve been implementing called the ‘fuck yes’ or ‘no’ rule:

-it states that when you want to get involved with someone new, in whatever capacity, they must inspire me to say “fuck yes” in order for me to proceed with them.

-it also states that when I want to get involved with someone new, in whatever capacity they must respond with a “fuck yes” on order for me to proceed with them.

It all boils down to a balance in investment of being equal or near.

Bc in the end it’s also not worth the time and energy on someone that isn’t ready ; whether that may be me or them.

I believe there is no such thing as rejection, only unmatched levels of development. The like likes the like and that saying is as true as it goes. For the confident will attract the confident, the narcissist will attract the insecure, the manipulative will attract the manipulative.

I’m not looking and I’m not in a hurry, but I can only imagine the kind of deep connections I’ll have with all my future relationships with me being my bare naked self as a screening tool. How exciting to think about.

I cannot wait to cross paths with someone of the like, ill give my gift:
To be fully naked to the core, to surrender all of me. Such things can only be considered a spiritual connection between two souls

But don’t get me wrong, commitment is the last thing on my mind. It’s too early to not enjoy this freedom. Of course, if things fall into play I’d be open to it. As I’ve been in committed relationships before I’m sure I’ll be in one again. In the mean time, l’d like to have some fun :)

I’m just saying in general any type of relationship from here on out, is going to be an amazing one, because now I have something priceless to give: my true self.

there’s a story of a confident woman and a manipulative man: man approaches woman, she sees through his games and draws her boundaries readily to walk away…the man now has two options: 1) keep using games and lose her or 2) meet her at her confident level, cut the shit, be fully vulnerable, and create a quality relationship. Moral of the story: the quality people in our lives, will either elevate us to their level or match us to our level.

I have shed my skin. I’ve died and now I am reborn anew.

I swear this has been haunting me for the past two years. For the most part I’ve been consistently growing personally, but there’s been a career move I have been putting off to the side, bc to be honest, once I take it I know everything will change…although I’ve walked away from my old environment before, but it was destructive then. I’m just not sure if I’m willing to walk away from my current one. As i am extremely happy with my current friends, colleagues, and teammates…definitely torn between the urge to progress and my friends. #fomo level 9000 #qotd


All my friends, stay up past midnight
Looking for the thing to fill the void
I don’t go out much like I used to
Something ’bout the strangers and the noise


And why mess up a good thing baby?
It’s a risk to even fall in love
So when you give that look to me
I better look back carefully
‘Cause this is trouble
Yeah, this is trouble



It’s easy to say, but not so easy to do

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Anonymous said: wtf John Lennon did not beat both his wives. he did make inappropriate jokes to the Beatles' manager but he didn't "verbally abuse" him. he also did not ABANDON Julian Lennon. he made many efforts to rekindle his relationship with his son. omg don't believe the bullshit you read on-line, and sure as hell don't propagate tabloid garbage. whoever wrote that article you posted did some lazy ass journalism.

Actually he did beat his wives and he has always been openly public about it, through his actions, words, and the songs he wrote. I’ll give it to you that yes he did have guilt for his mistakes and he did “try” to fix it, but it doesn’t take away that he did do it.

I was shocked as you were when i read that article, but after doing some research i’ve found plenty of proof that it was true.

It doesn’t take away that he’s a great artist, but you can’t deny his history of actions as a short tempered man that’s physically and verbally abusive to what’s around him :)


My Mantra of the Awakened Man

-Not every man for himself, but every man for humanity
-I Love women
-I make amends for my misdeeds
-I hold my brothers accountable
-I Love myself
-I set boundaries, standout, am fully vulnerable to the world
-I don’t compare myself to others
-I misidentify from my ego
-I value authenticity over image
-I sculpt my own reality
-I face my fears
-I honor the lessons of pain
-I communicate my feelings in a respectful manner
I learn and speak the language of the heart.
My purpose is my path
I walk with purpose, talk with purpose
I take accountability
I will craft a more clarified awareness with every lesson
I cultivate and seek congruity between my inner life and my other manifestation.
I have a healthy balance of masculine and feminine
I am relax and comfortable
I seek a way of being that reflects all my archetypes
I have integrity
I am a change agent
I value relationships
I seek intimacy and plow through the challenges to get there.
I am compassionate and love
I am assertive not aggressive
Gratitude is my way of life
I surrender with courage to reality, love, and truth
I am mindful of my impact on humanity
I give back, share my abundance
I seek power from within, God, not power over others
I believe we are all one from the same source
I do not judge
I condemn all paths of destruction
I have a healthy ego, not self-centered
I am noble, responsible, productive, kind-hearted, protective, unswervingly honorable, down to earth, sturdy, flexible, realistic, hopeful, sensitive not fragile, practical, grounded.
I am here.